Utidia Talent Outsourcing Policy, Rules of Engagement and Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement for Utidia Talent Matching Service

This policy guides the employer (Organizations hiring Utidia talents) and talents (Individuals seeking work opportunities on Utidia platform).

Rules of Engagement and Compliance

For Employers

    1. No employer is allowed to keep a talent more than the agreed number of periods under the activated payment contract. If this is defaulted, Utidia has the right to withdraw the said employer and the talent from the program and also apply for a reimbursement for the number of days, months or years the talent has exceeded the contract duration. 
    2. No employer is allowed to use the talent to carry out any other task or work except the one for which the talent was originally assigned for. Any work that the talent must be asked to do will be such that the talent agreed to and that aligns with their career path. If this is defaulted, Utidia has the right to withdraw the said employer from the program and also any other legal means to reclaim liability.
    3. No employer is allowed to outsource any talent from the Utidia Talent Matching Program. This is a serious breach of contract and will be followed with all corresponding legal actions.
    4. An employer is not obliged to pay talents. It is a matter of the organization’s payment policy for interns, apprentices and volunteers.
    5. It is not permitted that an employer will convert a talent from Utidia Talent Matching Program without following through the Talent Conversion Procedure of Utidia. A default of this will result in all legal actions including a file for reimbursement of liability.
    6. Contract Duration is different from Plan Duration. Contract duration measures the time a talent is hired from the time the contract expires. Plan Duration measures the time an employer buys a plan and the time it expires.
    7. Contract termination is done on the basis of Contract Duration not Plan Duration. For instance, an employer on a 4-month plan who signs up a talent at month two to the plan expiration, can still hire and keep a talent for the same full 4 months talent contract duration even when the plan expires, but will not be able to make a fresh request unless he renews.
    8. An employer that fails to hire within the plan duration before it expires, will forfeit the payment made at expiration.
    9. Utidia does not refund payment.

For Talents (Individuals looking for Entry level Opportunities)

  1. Every talent must complete the agreed duration with an employer. Any act of abandonment of duty will be severely punished including delisting the said talent from the Utidia Talent Matching Program and other legal actions in proportion to the act.

  2. All Utidia talents must comply with the work policy of their contract employers. Failure of which will result in delisting the talent from the program.

  3. Talents are not allowed to negotiate with a seconded employer for payment other than the agreed Talent package the employer provides. And where a company does not provide any payment the talent is not allowed to coerce the employer for payment.

  4. Decisions to choose an organization to intern, apprentice or volunteer for on account of payment rests with a talent during onboarding. Utidia will match talents based on their preferences for paid or unpaid contracts. 

  5. Where a talent works for International Organizations with structured policy either screening or training for internship, apprenticeship or volunteering, it is mandatory that the talent follow through the entire process.

Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement For Utidia Talents

This is the Utidia standard Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement for all talents under the Utidia Talent Matching and Outsourcing program.

That inventions, research results, codes, IPs and any other intellectual property a talent is privy of, at the cause of working for an organization, must be surrendered and not disclosed either in whole or parts such information to any third party. 

Every talent therefore must adhere to the Utidia Proprietary information and Inventions Assignment Agreement and is taken to have signed a nondisclosure with the third party by agreeing to these terms.