Utidia Mentorship Engagement Policy

This engagement policy protects all parties (Mentees, Mentors and Utidia) under the Utidia Mentorship Program.

Confidentiality Agreement

A Mentee agrees to maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure to a third party of all training materials including, but not limited to information, content, audios, videos, shared by a Mentor all through the Mentorship Program, as Mentors retain the intellectual property rights of such materials.

Mentors agree not to share any material or information from discussions with Mentees to any third party without the consent of Utidia and the Mentee. 

Sexual and Verbal Harassment Policy

It is forbidden for either a Mentor or Mentee to sexually, verbally or exhibit any form of harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as such activities including indecent dressing (exposing any sexually induced organs) or sexually motivated contents, audios or videos. Making sexual advances and erotic dance and signs, which constitute sexual harassment. Verbally abuse by any party is highly intolerable. 

Dress Code 

The dress code approved of Utidia Mentorship during our sessions is corporate or business casual. We do not allow clothes that reveal any sensitive part of the body and can constitute indecent dressing. 

Punctuality Policy

Our live mentorship sessions are time bound and therefore both Mentors and Mentees must be punctual and present at agreed and scheduled timelines during all sessions. 

Documentation Policy

Mentors are required to prepare all information in a shareable document as a module for easy access to Mentees. 

Assessment Policy

Mentees must pass all their performance assessment tests and complete all assigned tasks before getting a certification from Utidia.

No Refund Policy

Utidia does not refund admission fees in case a Mentee discontinues from the program.