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Utidia Community Service Network (UCSN) is made up of Youthup Global volunteers with a common interests of using their skillsets to advance the society.

UCSN is a an altruistic community that seeks to give back to the society and to support humanity through volunteering programs.

It is not the same as Utidia Incentivized Apprenticeship and Volunteering program (UAVP). Want to join UAVP, register to wait for the App here

The Utidia Community Service Network works under the Ubuntu philosophy of, “I am because you are”

Our goal as a community is to help every global citizen get help and support either as an individual or an organization or even government using our skillsets. We are here to help make the world better place.

We offer our skills in..

  • Advocating for all the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, under our various units of Youthup Global operations;

    Utidia talkshow
    Campus Ambassador Network
    Young Females in Tech and Creatives
    Women's Forum<

  • Offering free mentoring program in tech/digital skills, creative/artistry skills and soft skills

  • Embarking on free event management for individuals and organizations who cannot afford other paid services

  • Supporting organizations with free project management services

  • Campaigns and rallies for global special events

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