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We empower Youth Women Underserved Communities Young Professionals Startups and Companies And the World

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A Tech4Good and Tech4SDGs Edtech for everyone, anywhere,anytime, raising talents for global workforce, change and future of work. Although we are a for-profit company, we prioritize social benefits over profit, placing emphasis on global impact, change, diversity, equity and inclusion, social and economic growth and empowerment. Learn more

Top Talents for Fast-paced Organizations

We are raising talents for the future of work and providing VERIFIED  and HIGHLY SKILLED entry, junior and mid-level talents to organizations globally

Our Solutions

Al-driven, People-Powered and Diversity-inclusive Solutions for forward-thinking people and organizations

We continuously listen and craft innovative, customized solutions that are focused on up-skilling programs, talent development, employment creation, economic and social growth for a more progressive, better world.

Solutions for Diversity-inclusive and Fast-paced Organizations

Hiring Entry, Junior or Mid-level Talents or want to train your employees on certain skill sets? Have projects you want to outsource?

Customized Talents Sourcing Solutions

Access and hire verified, versatile and highly skilled talents, on demand, in transition and early stage career — working professionals, Interns and Apprentices — from emerging markets.

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Project Outsourcing Solutions for high performance organizations

Outsource your tech/technical and digital projects to us and we handle it sustainably at fractional costs as our top talents handle them with ease and agility.

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Customized L & D Training Solutions for organizations

For your existing workforce or internship. Get solutions that

Tell us your L & D Needs

Solutions for Ambitious and Promising Talents and Professionals

Land your Dream Job and build a rewarding career with Utidia

Get relevant, high demand skills & Get HIRED by local and global companies, with or without a degree

Invest in your future, be future focus and workplace ready.

Get hired as an Entry-level, a Junior and mid-level at local and global organizations building the future with Utidia Talent Development and Skills Verification Program

Our training and courses focus on building practical, verifiable skills that employers and the world need for growth and development — What you need for your economic and social inclusion and empowerment — values you bring to organizations and to the world at large. After all, these are what really matter to solve global and regional challenges businesses and the world face, move people and businesses forward, change the world and have a rewarding life.

Emphasis is on practical, verifiable skills that can be applied, in real-time, to solve business problems companies face and challenges confronting us all across the globe.

Start now to build your portfolio with a 10X guarantee to land your dream job.

Life-changing Solutions for anyone, anywhere, anytime

Including High School leavers/O’level holders, Out-of-school, Unemployed Graduates and Under-employed Professionals from Asia, Africa, LatAm and anywhere

Earn a Diploma, master digital, tech and vocational skills for career opportunities home and abroad

Leapfrog into a productive, rewarding life with world-class talent development programs in your chosen career path while learning from world’s best mentors from Utidia

Emphasis is on:

Practical, verifiable skills that can be applied, in real-time, in your future career path, to solve business problems companies face and challenges confronting us all across the globe.

Learning from – and working with – the world’s best mentors ( professionals who are already working in your favourite fields at your favorite companies) and organizations from Utidia acquiring practical skills via on-the-job training programs with
Startups, NGOs, Multinationals and International Organizations within your country and abroad.

Start now to build your career and future, and give your life a purpose with a 10X guarantee to having a fulfilling and rewarding career and life.

World-class Mentors and Advisors raising Talents for Global Workforce and Change

Learn high demand, practical skills from the World’s best Mentors and Advisors with extensive global and regional industry relevant experience and achievements.

Our Mentors and Advisors are vetted thought leaders and subject matter experts in their fields. And they join us via invitation-only and recommendations from established experts, thought leaders and global organizations.

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Here are a few of our Mentors

Here are a few of our Advisors

Utidia for Social Good, Global Change and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. ~ Dalai Lama

Moving people, businesses and the world forward

Our Social Impact Goals

We are accelerating the United Nations Social Development Goals (UN-SDGs) 1,2,4, 8, 11, 12 and 13 achievements aimed at delivering:

– To raise 1 million talents for the ageing global workforce in 10 years

– To raise 1 million talents in tech, green and sustainability skills needed to power the global transition to the green economy in 10 years.

– To provide 1million people with decent work and economic growth in 10 years.

– To lift 1 million people out of Poverty and Zero Hunger in 10 years

– To provide high Quality Education to 1million people in 10 years.

Join the Movement

Join our list of responsible corporate and global citizens who are creating global change and powering global workforce and economy, working with us.

Donate, Sponsor and Raise a Talent Initiative (DoSaRaTI)

Become a Dosaratian & Become a Global Change Maker

Donate now, and sponsor a talent and get updates on how you are changing the world and how your donation is spent. We are transparent and impact-driven.

We are passionate and intentional about ours and partners’ corporate social responsibility; delivering social good and driving global change we want to see in the world with our programs as we are focused on delivering social impacts on a large scale globally and work with — and promote our partners’ involvement globally — organizations, governments, International Development Agencies and people from across the globe to make the world economy more prosperous. Learn more

What Our Clients and Partners Say

Upcoming Webinars and Events

Join our webinars and events and learn about careers tips, future of work, and high demand, practical skills from fortune 500 CEOs, C-Level Executives, and World’s best Mentors, HR and Subject Matter Experts and Advisors with extensive global and regional industry relevant experience and achievements.

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Interested in latest happenings on remote work, overseas and local employment opportunities, future of work, career tips, high demand, practical skills employers want and more?

Discover endless opportunities, careers tips, future of work, and high demand, practical skills from our speakers and writers; fortune 500 CEOs, C-Level Executives, and World’s best Mentors, HR and Subject Matter Experts and Advisors with extensive global and regional industry relevant experience and achievements.

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